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    A tough and reliable rider stacker to work at height and go the distance

    Compact and robust, the Hyster rider stacker delivers unmatched reliability, excellent acceleration and fast travel and lift speeds for the most demanding applications.

    Ideal for stacking and retrieving goods at various heights, the Hyster rider stackers transport goods over longer distances and manoeuvre in racking and shelving in tight spaces ensuring low ownership costs throughout the life of the truck.

    Hyster Rider Stacker Highlights:

    • The welded fork construction on the Hyster ride on stacker makes it strong and highly resistant to torsion, whilst the fully enclosed chassis protects the drive train and battery. Heavy duty motors and the 4-point wheel layout provide robust stability and smooth traction when carrying heavier loads
    • Maintenance requirements and associated costs are reduced thanks to the pre-lubricated and sealed load rollers and regenerative braking which dissipates the generated heat in the motor to increase the braking effect
    • Energy consumption is minimised through the use of  progressive speed control and SEM motor technology
    • Simplified maintenance due to CANbus technology which enables easy maintenance access and onboard diagnostic display. Operators can select the appropriate performance settings to suit the most demanding applications and configure truck parameter settings using the Driver Diagnostic Interface (DDI)
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    ModelLasteevne (kg)Løftehøjde (mm)Arbejdsgangbredde (bredde / længde)
    Batteri kapacitet
    (V / Ah)
    RS1.2125059982575 / 254024V / 500Ah1570
    RS1.5150059982575 / 254024V / 500Ah1570
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    RS1.6 Specification Sheet
    Warehouse Range Brochure
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