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    The new Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL series provides the first zero-emissions electric lift trucks with 7-9 tonnes lift capacity and ICE like performance.

    Paper, brick and block, timber, metals, and other heavy-duty industries can now easily adopt these tough electric lift trucks and benefit from quieter operation, fast acceleration, and precise responsive control.

    Featuring high voltage lithium-ion batteries, the trucks have the endurance to support three shift operations achieving 100% state of charge within 80 minutes, bringing strength, reliability, and productivity, and a low cost of ownership to all applications.

    Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL Highlights:

    For demanding operations  

    • The four new models (two compact and two standard) can operate at maximum capacity for a full 8 hours thanks to the unique combination of an integrated lithium-ion battery, a 350-volt drive system, and the use of multi-phase permanent magnetic motors.
    • Operators can lift loads up to 5.5m (900mm load centre). The fully independent hydraulic pump and traction motors never drop in performance when lifting and moving loads 
    • Get the job done quickly with fast acceleration over the first 15 metres  
    • For plants with long driving distances, there is a top speed of 21km/h (unladen) and 18km/h (laden) 
    • From flat, the battery can be fully charged in 80 minutes 
    • With a load centre of 900mm on a wheelbase of only 2,450mm, the ‘S’ variants offer advantages over larger trucks when space is a constraint 
    • Wide hook-type carriages provide good visibility and allow the fitting of a wide variety of forks and attachments (pin type available), fully integrated front ends can also be specified to enhance the truck’s capability 
    • To help match the performance to the specific application, there are a wide range of options and additional features available   

    Comfortable and easy to operate  

    • For the driver, the truck remains comfortable for a full shift, it is easy to use and extremely quiet with noise levels at the operator’s ear of just 69 dB (A)
    • Autospeed hydraulics help to maximise overall truck responsiveness and controllability, removing the need to adjust the lift hydraulic motor speed during lifting, enhancing productivity 
    • Automotive-style pedals have a large, single inch/brake pedal as standard which gives precise low-speed control and smooth electronic inching 
    • The Auto Deceleration System (ADS) helps reduce operator fatigue by bringing the truck to a controlled stop without the need to use the oil immersed service brakes 
    • Grade hold function is a standard feature, permitting fine control on slopes, preventing roll back or roll forward and automatically adjusting to truck loading and operation 
    • TouchPointTM mini-levers integrated into the armrest provide hydraulic control and other key functions. The well positioned dash display gives the operator awareness of the truck’s status at a glance and shares the familiar user interface of the J series. 
    • The excellent through-mast visibility and overall rigidity helps boost driver confidence, making it easy to see the load on set down and during retrieval tasks 
    • The J7.0XNSL and J8.0XNSL models feature compact counterweight and brake turn assist, achieving class leading turning radius capability (Turn radius reduction with brake turn assist is 308 mm for the 7T truck and 528 mm for the 8T truck). 
    • The operator compartment has clear unobstructed foot space, adjustable steering column, rear drive handle with horn button and is easy to access with three-point entry and exit 
    • Operators sit comfortably thanks to the full suspension seat, the benefit of an isolated operators compartment and powertrain, and whole body vibration levels below 0.6 m/s/s  

    Strong and reliable  

    • This is a tough truck designed to work in both indoor and outdoor applications. The power is evident with a massive 100kW produced by two electric motors - more power than the equivalent Hyster® DSL truck.
    • Durable and reliable, sharing common key components and front end with a Hyster® DSL truck 
    • The maintenance-free Hyster® Stability Mechanism™ (HSM™) helps keep the truck steady when making turns and enhances its ability to operate efficiently on rough surfaces  
    • With the Pacesetter VSM™, all vehicle systems are managed electronically to optimise performance and increase reliability. CANbus wiring, sealed connectors and hall effect sensors reduce complexity for truck system communication 
    • The hydraulic system incorporates a multi-stage gear pump with a cast iron body. The oil is double filtered, and the hydraulic tank is integrated into the frame to provide good levels of cooling 
    • The lift truck benefits from protection from overloads thanks to lift circuit relief valves 
    • The battery is fully integrated within the truck. From flat, it can be fully charged without the heat build-up, energy loss and gassing commonly experienced with lead acid technology 
    • A robust chassis and high strength mast design achieve residual capacity at high lifts with excellent visibility and rigidity  

    Performance with a low cost of ownership  

    • For suitable applications, this truck is designed to deliver a low cost of ownership with all the advantages of running and maintaining an electric truck. Even at just 1,500 hours of use per year, it can provide an effective, economic alternative to DSL and LPG trucks.
    • Excellent energy efficiency, with low energy loss. The liquid-cooled multi-phase permanent magnet electric motors are used for traction and lift, leveraging automotive technology for superior efficiency under all operating conditions 
    • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities allow maximum uptime and truck performance can be customised to suit application needs 
    • Oil immersed brakes contribute to reduced maintenance and extended truck dependability 
    • The Controlled Power Reversal (CPR) and eBraking provides fully regulated directional change and tyre life savings 
    • Lithium-ion battery is maintenance free and is offered with a comprehensive performance warranty 
    • Complete cowl-to-counterweight service access contributes to fast, efficient maintenance. Simplified layout of wiring and hydraulics offers greater access to components, which decreases service time for unscheduled repairs and regular maintenance  

    About Hyster® lithium-ion batteries

    Not only is there a reduction in energy costs of up to 30% compared with lead-acid batteries, the operating range and life of lithium-ion batteries are significantly longer. In fact, at 80% discharge the lithium-ion batteries in Hyster® lift trucks can provide more than three times more work cycles.

    Energy efficient and fast to charge, battery changeovers are no longer necessary. For optimum convenience, the lithium-ion batteries can be opportunity charged during breaks or fully charged in under 80 minutes.

    When matched with the right tough application, these batteries also provide a low cost of ownership and a lifespan three times longer than their lead acid counterparts. Plus, unlike lead acid batteries, they are maintenance free.

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    Model Load Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Lift Height (mm) Turning Radius (mm) Battery Capacity (V / Ah)
    J7.0XNSL 7000 600 6200 3080 Li-ion 360V / 192Ah
    J7.0XNSL9 7000 900 5965 3145 Li-ion 360V / 192Ah
    J8.0XNSL 8000 600 5965 3145 Li-ion 360V / 192Ah
    J8.0XNL9 8000 900 5965 3794 Li-ion 360V / 192Ah
    J9.0XNL 9000 600 5965 3723 Li-ion 360V / 192Ah
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