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    Reachstacker bygget til løft i smalle gange

    Initially designed for retail operations, the Hyster® Reach Truck with a tilting mast offers exceptional benefits for applications where space is constrained.

    The Hyster® R1.0E, R1.2E and R1.4E models are tough, intelligent, dependable and efficient. With a lift height of up to 7.5m, a small chassis and capacity of up to 1400kg they are ideally suited to manoeuvre in narrow aisles.

     Reach truck highlights:

    • Tilting mast assists drivers as they exit a pallet location meaning they don’t need to reverse so far to exit and turn.  Perfect for narrow aisles
    • Excellent visibility through the mast and overhead guard
    • Ergonomically-designed compartment packed with driver-led features that streamline operations
    • Narrow chassis’ make it easier to work in tight areas (R1.0E and R1.2E)
    • Powerful acceleration and travel speed of up to 11km/h with and without load
    • Choice of 180°/360° steering for seamless direction changes in narrow aisles
    • Easy to reach mini levers or optional joystick mimicking the natural shape of hand
    • Tough and dependable. Robust base frame, sealed connectors, dual CAN bus and proven components throughout
    • Reliable and productive: easy, low-cost maintenance with long service intervals
    • Energy efficient: ECO-eLo performance mode reduces energy consumption
    • Tailor to the application: options for enhanced operational performance include drive-in operator compartment, key pad, light options, 3 stage FFL mast, Hyster Tracker and more
  • Produktegenskaber
    ModelLasteevne (kg)Løftehøjde (mm)Arbejdsgangbredde (bredde / længde)
    Batteri kapacitet
    (V / Ah)
    R1.0E100075002770 / 285048V / 280-620Ah2845
    R1.2E120075002770 / 285048V / 280-620Ah2845
    R1.4E140075002741 / 279248V / 280-620Ah2948
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    R1.0-1.4E Specification Sheet
    Reach Truck Brochure
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