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    Alsidig og god til høje løft med god stabilitet og kontrol

    The new Hyster® Cold Store Cab Reach Truck is designed to work in various operations lifting to great heights, with excellent stability, visibility, manoeuvrability and control. The all-new Reach Truck is built with the quality hallmarks of Hyster: tough, intelligent, dependable and efficient.

    The cold store cab is fully integrated and replaces the standard overhead guard. The bottom side of the doorpost is mounted to the bumper and all additional parts are assembled as part of the cab assembly to maximize the space within the operator’s compartment.

    The cabin has been designed with operator comfort in mind. The door covers are formed around the heater so that when the door is closed the heater fits exactly into the doorstep; providing maximum space for the operator’s feet.

    The cold store switches and the intercom can be accessed easily by the operator as they are located on the right front overhead guard column. The intercom allows the operator to communicate without opening the door and therefore retaining the heat.

    Adjustable air ducts are placed in the door to allow air circulation and heating of the cabin. The heated screen option is recommended for in/out operations, to stop the frosting of the screen.

    A standard 2kW heater is fitted into the door and 3 additional 300 W mini heaters are fitted to the mast side of the truck allowing the cabin to maintain a comfortable 15°C at an ambient temperature of -30°C.

    The following screen options are available:

    • Glass
    • Glass, heated
    • Polycarbonate
    • Polycarbonate, heated
    • Please note the roof screen is always polycarbonate.

    The cabin and all components are designed to allow the operator to work simultaneously within ambient and freezer environments in temperatures as low as -35°C for short periods of time and        -30°C for full shifts.

    The cabin door is robust with dampened opening and closing and a reinforced bumper has been fitted to provide additional protection against potential damage.

    The door handle on the outside provides good grip for the operator, even when wearing gloves. The handle requires minimal effort to open and the opening button is integrated into the handle. The door handle on the inside of the door is located in the middle of the door and allows the operator to easily close the door when seated.

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    ModelLasteevne (kg)Løftehøjde (mm)Arbejdsgangbredde (bredde / længde)
    Batteri kapacitet
    (V / Ah)
    R1.41400105002895 / 295548V / 560-775Ah3560
    R1.61600105002905 / 295648V / 560-775Ah3610
    R1.6N160090002936 / 300248V / 560-775Ah3549
    R1.6HD1600114002993 / 306348V / 560-775Ah4288
    R2.0200081502919 / 296148V / 560-775Ah3865
    R2.0HD2000127503008 / 307248V / 700-930Ah4675
    R2.5250081503015 / 304248V / 700-930Ah4288
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